Did you know that over 90% of your body’s energy comes from your breath?

A healthy set of lungs is fundamental to a healthy life; yet the simplest daily action – breathing – is often taken for granted or overlooked.

Just One Breath is both a celebration of positive health and wellbeing and an invitation for everyone to think about the importance of healthy lungs, and the power of breath for a life of vitality. Our Just One Breath champions and ambassadors have shared with us their personal stories about the power of breath in their professional and home lives, and we hope you’ll enjoy watching their stories, and help us share and spread their message and tips for good lung health.

Take our simple Lung Health Checklist to check in with your lungs, and really begin to think about, and appreciate, the extraordinary things you can achieve with Just One Breath.

Just One Breath is brought to you by Lung Foundation Australia.

We’re a national charity  who aim to make lung health a priority for all in Australia.  We do this by providing support to those affected by lung disease; raising awareness about the importance of lung health and symptoms of lung disease; raising funds to support research; developing clinical resources and education to support evidence-based management of lung disease; and advocating on behalf of those with lung disease.

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Check how healthy your lungs are, by taking our
interactive Lung Health Checklist