Cathy Freeman

Hi my name is Cathy, I’m 43 years old, a mum, a community advocate, and an asthma sufferer. I am now also a Just One Breath ambassador, helping inspire conversations about lung health.

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Lisa Briggs

My name is Lisa Briggs and Im 34 years old, wife to my amazing husband Kirk, and mother of two beautiful children, four year old Jasmine and 18 month old Alastair.

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Catherine Kruljac

Hi my name is Catherine and I am 47 years old and I have PCD and bronchiectasis.
I decided to come into this world a month earlier than expected due to my mother having toxaemia. Once I arrived I had difficulty breathing and then my lungs collapsed. I was taken to intensive care where I was placed into an incubator; this was my home for several weeks.

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Ian Venamore

Ian Venamore – COPD Patient Advocate Group Chair,
I was born in the 40s and like many
of my generation, I was a regular smoker
until I quit in when I was 50.
I was always a very active person,
a handy man, I enjoyed outdoor activities
and played sport competitively
until in my 40s.

This is my story

Our Champions

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